Importance of Having Floor Wax

Houston, TX –November 28, 2011- First impressions are important in today’s society; they make a company be remembered and be recognized from the competitive market. A business can be recognized by the quality of product or services offered, management organization, image presented to the public and by the neatness of their locations.  Having a clean office will deliver a positive and fresh message to every visitor of the location. One of the areas that stand out from an office is the floor.

Wax is a floor sealer and finish which is applied to the flooring to keep the floor’s radiant gloss. The purpose of applying wax to a floor is to prevent tiledamages or having the tile detached from the ground. Therefore, the failure of applying wax will lead to a negative impression of the location.

Wax is applied in all types of floors with the exception of ceramic tiled floors, wood tiled floors, Corey tiled floors, and epoxy tiled floors.  In such exceptions,wax can still be applied containing different type of chemicals and procedures.

There are three basic kinds of floor wax:

–          Water based: provides a shiny, high-gloss finish without buffing. Best to use on rubber-tiled floors, vinyl floors and asphalt floors.
–          Solvent based: requires buffing for a high-gloss shine .
–          Polymer based: self-polishing and do not require buffing. Overtime, turn yellow and need to be stripped and reapplied.

Wax is applied to floors that have a new VCT, looks dull or have any damages.  Strip, seal and floor wax is recommended every 3 to 6 months. The application of wax might take between 3 to 5 hours, depending of the type and conditions of the floor.

So, why acquire regular floor maintenance such as strip, seal and wax?
Because floor maintenance

–          Make floors shinny every time
–          Help maintain a longer lasting wax
–          Prevents slipping
–          Prevents tile from detaching from the ground
–          Removes stains, dirt, obstruction, dust, scratch
–          Improve the longevity of the tile

Don’t be embarrassed about your floor conditions. If you need further assistance, a local Houston floor maintenance company will be able to recognize the problem and provide recommendations. You may also contact J&B Professional Cleaning Service at 281-405-0333 to obtain a free and customized quote or visit them at

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J&B Professional Cleaning Service Awarded the 2011 Award of Excellence

Houston, TX – May 23, 2011- J&B Professional Cleaning Service (J&B) received the 2011 Award of Excellence at the Better Business Bureau Awards for Excellence luncheon held Wednesday, May 4 at the InterContinental Houston near the Galleria. This was J&B’s first time to be recognized by the BBB for service excellence.

The Better Business Bureau Awards for Excellence recognizes businesses and non-profits for their achievements and commitment to overall excellence and quality in the workplace every year. Members of the Better Business Bureau have to submit an application detailing all their achievements and work process, where it will be judge by the Better Business Bureau judges. Once all winners have been finalized a luncheon is held to recognize the recipients. All proceeds generated from the event help fund the Better Business Bureau Education Foundation. The fund generated is used towards the education of consumers about scams and fraudulent business practices in the Greater Houston area.

When asked J&B the significant of this recognition, Javier Zavala, owner of J&B Professional Cleaning Service, states “We work hard to provide high quality commercial cleaning service and customer service to our customers. It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts after so many years in business. We plan to continue providing a high quality service now and the future.”

J&B Professional Cleaning Service has been cleaning the Greater Houston and surrounding cities since 1995. J&B provides janitorial cleaning to all types of facilities on a once per week to a daily service. J&B also offers pre and post construction cleaning, remodeling clean-up and window cleaning to general contractors all over the nation building their projects in the Greater Houston area. J&B also provides floor cleaning & maintenance and now maid service cleaning to personal homes. To find out more about J&B, you may visit them at or call them at (281)405-0333.

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