Beyond the scope of work

J&B is continuously seeking to satisfy the customer. In the janitorial line, J&B employees go beyond the scope of work by doing additional services, which are excluded from a standard janitorial agreement. Courteous services such as putting coffee in the coffee pot have been performed with the customer’s consent to give the client a good start of the day. In addition, washing dishes, arranging items in the kitchen area or sweeping the front entrance have been occasionally provided to J&B’s customers.

When able to, J&B’s staff responds to customers request and takes action at the moment. When J&B employees are unable to perform at moment customer’s request, employees contact their mediate supervisor to provide the solution to the client.


New Product Learning for our Customers

Part of J&B’s Professional Cleaning Service quality control method, are cleaning supplies and products consideration. Half of J&B’s clients have required J&B  obtain different products to perform the job; the most requested products are for floor maintenance, sealing and waxing.Some  items have to be ordered a month ahead or shipped from out of state.

Acquiring a new product is not an easy task. First, J&B researches within the manufacture website and supplier regarding the product. Second, J&B reads the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to identify any safety precautions, proper use, and chemical components.  For in-state suppliers, J&B meets with the manufacture for use-verification.  Once the product is well known, employees that will be in direct contact with the product are finally trained. After product application, chemicals are continuously being monitored to ensure the product itself provides the expected result.

Many people do not like change because people fear challenges that will be encountered. At J&B, we accommodate to our customer needs.  We research any products necessary to ensure the best result for the client’s project.

Meeting Deadlines

In most instances of our lives, we are asked to complete a certain task and or project by a specific date. Deadlines, defined as the time by which something must be finished or submitted, is in most part, one of everyday vocabulary words.  Whether it’s in our house, school, or work, we are to complete the job or project in order to meet the requirements of the person or company that assigned us that task.

It’s J&B Professional Cleaning Service’s duty and priority to meet and complete the cleaning of a certain construction and or office building prior to the given deadline. Recently, J&B was asked to perform final clean-ups on several schools that were required to meet a deadline.  Our sales representative touched basis with the company’s project manager and was informed of all their needs and wants, their specific instructions, deadlines, and jobs needed to be executed. Approximately ten schools were to be cleaned within a certain period of time.

A bid was then submitted and signed, and J&B’s construction employees were off to complete the job. Some challenges arose, but J&B was able to confront each and every one of them in a very professional manner.

In order for J&B to complete the cleaning of the schools prior to the deadline given, our company manager hired and trained new employees. Long hours of work have been put forward but it’s J&B’s pride to say that we are successfully completing the final clean of the schools before or on the deadline date. Let us help you meet your deadline by cleaning your project and or office building.

Showing Professionalism…

Every business is unique, with its own services, staff and professionalism. At J&B Professional Cleaning Service, we understand that every business we clean is also unique and will require cleaning customization.

Recently, J&B’s sales representative met with a business owner and was asked to provide a cleaning service quote, which consisted of several responsibilities. The owner signed the bid and notified J&B that he was very impressed with our competitive price as we were one among several other companies that he interviewed and received bids from as well.

Besides the janitorial, day porter and windows cleaning agreement, the customer wanted special cleans during the inauguration of their new location. J&B was asked to be clean before, during, and after their open house.

This company is a worldwide client with corporate offices in North America, Japan and Europe. J&B dressed in professional attire for the event in order to exceed the standards set by our client and be able to professionally interact with our client’s customers. J&B also had the experience to interact with different cultures as they were introduced to several members from other corporate offices across the world. J&B is proud to carry “Professional” in their name, because we are proud to be, express and present ourselves professionally.

Serving All Clients

There are times in our lives where we have to prioritize and make decisions based on the importance of each situation. Similarly, this occurs in the work force when companies are forced to make decisions based on the work load. For instance, a company is asked to perform several tasks in one given day, putting the person in charge in the position of who to serve and how not to serve. In order to fulfill all obligations, companies may bring additional personnel to accommodate the needs of each individual customer. It also means that all new employees are required to go through the adequate training in order to gain the knowledge to execute the job correctly.

By taking this action, all supervisors and managers would be required to allocate time to teach each individual all of the details that need to be learned before actually putting them on the field. Other things that would have to be taken into consideration are the amount of time or days that these employees would be working for the company and the salary that they will receive.

With an increased work load, there may be various solutions. An easy solution may be to hire contract labor by staffing companies that can provide temporary work. However, this solution will come back to the main problem: teaching the new temporary workers how to do the job. Another solution may be to outsource the job. The problem may then arise if the outsource creates a bigger problem than expected.

Like any other company, J&B Professional Cleaning Service has been through this situation and has put forward all of its efforts to minimize the strain of the additional work load. Usually the work load increases during the summer or when a new project has been obtained; this information allows plenty of preparation time. The advantage that J&B has over other cleaning companies is that J&B trains all new employees the basic cleaning method utilized in all of J&B’s lines. Also, both shifts, night and day, have been exposed to J&B’s specialties, janitorial and construction. In addition to the training, employees are still under the supervision to ensure the work is being done properly.

It is J&B’s duty to serve all clients in the best and less problematic way. J&B has the labor capital necessary to coordinate any unforeseen work, or increases in the work load all of the sudden. For more information on how J&B can complete your final clean in a short notice, visit us at

Last Minute Scheduling

Many instances exist in which we are rushed and preoccupied with getting the job complete that we forget some of the most important details. For example, when it comes to building a new gas station, school, office, or even a home, project managers’ priority is to get the job ready for client’s move-in. It’s until the last minute that they, the project manager or the person in charge, remembers that there is still one important thing to do, final clean-up of the job site.
Throughout the fifteen years of serving the community, J&B Professional Cleaning Service has had the privilege of aiding project managers and other people in charge of construction sites with the rough and final clean-ups. Although there have been times when J&B has received one or same day notice prior to the scheduled cleaning date, we rearrange and manage our cleaning crews accommodate the time requested for the clean. At times, J&B pulls trained night cleaning personnel to go out there and perform the rough or final clean-up for our valuable customers.
It’s J&B’s pride to serve our current clients and we would like for you to be part of our clientele as well. Our duty is to help you alleviate some of the burdens you might have when it comes to taking the responsibility of building a new project. Let J&B help by putting forward a piece of the puzzle with the rough or final clean-up of your newly constructed gas station, school, office, or home. You may visit us at for more information.

Beauty Brands

National holidays and Sundays are seen to many individuals as a day for personal use or simply as a day to spend time with their families. In the 15 years of service, J&B was accustomed to allowing their employees to have these days off. It was until this past November that these “policy” had to change when we were asked to work on Sundays, Christmas, and New Year’s by one of J&B’s family members, Beauty Brands. Our employees were to be taken in consideration when it was time to make a decision. Some of our floor men were asked if they were willing to work these days and they responded positively.

The contract was signed and our service began. J&B was to perform routine floor maintenance at 5 different locations. The question in mind, was the dates we were to execute each job at each location. A calendar defining specific dates was indeed necessary to accommodate to Beauty Brand’s wants and needs. J&B’s owner, Javier, contacted Beauty Brands to define a consistent schedule and specify the dates in which the job was to be done and at what location. We had to manage our schedule accordingly to theirs, in order to make this new relationship successful. Once the schedule was completed and the dates were set, J&B welcomed Beauty Brands into their family and began working at the first location.

Although J&B’s employees now have to work on Sundays, it’s our pride to say that we are currently and will continue to serve Beauty Brands and would like to serve you too.

Research for our Clients

Our clients have always been J&B’s number one priority in providing them with good customer and quality service. It is through this case study, that we will inform you the extensive research we will go through in order to satisfy our clients. Pathfinder Energy Services, a company of Schlumberger, recently moved to their new facilities located off I-10 and Grand Parkway, Katy, TX. We have been serving them since 2007; when they were still located at Highway 290 and W. Little York.

The decision to follow our three year client to a new service area was not easy. We took into account a farther service area, the size of the building and all the additional cost that would be incurred. However, we never knew the types of flooring Pathfinder would have, since they only had vinyl composition tile at their Highway 290 location. Finally, we decided to keep our relationship and followed them Katy.

Once at the new facilities, Pathfinder expressed their main concern of cleaning were the floors. Our sales representative walked through the building with Pathfinder’s facility manager and spoke the General Contractor in order to identify the types of flooring, chemical usage and chemical maintenance. Seven different floors, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Vinyl, ESD Rubber, ESD Epoxy, natural stone, polish concrete, BCT, and Rubber Floors, were laid out. After two weeks of research and preparation with the cleaning crew, J&B knew what kind of chemicals and maintenance to provide the client.

Although we had to accommodate to new cleaning ways, the price remained the same for the customer. Fortunate, we are still serving them and would be honored to serve you too; even if we had to do extensive research.

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