6 Tips for Better Communication with Customers


Communication is the key for any type of relationship. However, a better communication with customers will help you improve all business relationships and increase sales.

The following tips will help you to have an effectively communication with your customers.

  1. Connection before content. Customers are interested on the business to care about them; they do not want any business to sell them. Therefore take time to build a personal connection before talking about your business.
  2. Concentrate on individuals. Even though the product/service will be used by the firm, you will get through it by an individual, therefore concentrate on the individual in charge of the purchasing.
  3. Slow the conversation down.  Your main goal is to earn the customer’s trust so he/she will purchase from your company, therefore speak clearly and have an statement that make sense.  Demonstrate the customer the reason and benefits on inquiring your product/service.
  4. Be willing to play “customer’s game”. Follow the customer’s game, since the customer will be a great opportunity for your business.
  5. Self-disclose when appropriate. Customers buys from humans not from robots, therefore talk about family, hobbies, or any interest to you and/or your customers.
  6. Engage with customers as equals. The conversation should have a feeling of mutuality.

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