How to improve your listening skill

The ability of listening makes you a better leader and allows you to provide better customer service. In addition, better listening helps you to solve problems and overcome any confusion; therefore you will be avoiding errors and miscommunication.

The following are tips to improve your listening skills.

  1. Be more attentive by making eye contact throughout the conversation.
  2. Avoid interrupting when a person begins speaking, allow them to express their full idea so you will be able to listen, not hear their statement.
  3. Avoid giving solutions right away, since most of the cases a person comes to you to discuss several issues and come with a solution on his own.
  4. Ask questions whenever you’ve heard unclear sentences. However, always be polite and wait until the speaker is done with his sentence. The received answers will confirm your understanding of the conversation.
  5. Pay attention to body language. Studies shows that more than 55% of communication is through body language and eye contact, while 38% of communication is through the tone of voice and only 7% includes words. Therefore, your body language plays a major part of the communication.

Business owners and employees will increase their success by improving their listening skill.

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