Seven Qualities of Effective Leaders

Are leaders born or trained?

Although some leaders have been born with excellent leadership skills, other leaders had to be trained to become a great one. The following are qualities that anyone can practice and adopt to become more effective leader.

  1. Inspire Action
    Create a vision that inspires your team members to perform whatever it takes to achieve it.
  2. Be Optimistic
    Seek out the positives in each team member, help them overcome their feelings of self-doubt and spread optimism throughout the firm.
  3. Have Integrity
    Be honest, fair, candid, and straightforward. Have the philosophy of “treat each one the same way you would like to be treated”.
  4. Support team
    Support each team member by creating a kind of environment, encouraging them, knowledge every good item performed, and avoid punishment. This process will allow the progress towards achieving their goals.
  5. Have confidence
    Trust in the team, and believe that they can accomplish anything set. Have in mind that failure is not an option. If the manager is confident, each member of the team will be too.
  6. Communicate
    Knowledge is power, therefore communicate with team members about the firm’s goal, performance, successes and failures. In order to obtain a high level of communication among co-workers, there should be an ample channels for 2-way communication between employees and managers, sharing of ideas for improvement and rewarding employees for sharing.
  7. Be decisive
    The main duty of a leader is to make decisions. Highly effective leaders are not afraid of making decision, therefore J&B –Houston Cleaning Services Company – suggests each leader that once the decision has been made, stick with it and avoid making any change to it. This matter all employees will take seriously each decision made by the manager.

Regardless of what industry sector each leader is, becoming an effective leader and inspiring others will bring the best of each member to increase the firm’s performance.


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