15 To-Do-List to Inspire

Leaders are known as the inspiration of employees and/or a firm. Below is a list of what inspiring leaders have done in different industry sectors

  1. Set up a strict selection process to confirm they hire only the best and brightest
  2. Set a clear and persuasive vision
  3. Work together with the team to outline a plan for realizing that vision
  4. Keep the plan evident and present
  5. Keep score along the way to maintain the team energized and responsible
  6. Acknowledge when employees are doing something correct
  7. Remove obstacles to getting work done
  8. Report even minor performance issues with proactive training
  9. Listen more than they talk
  10. Rigorously uphold the team’s values by having them to make big and little decisions
  11. Give credit for and recompense success
  12. Get to know the person behind each team member
  13. Care about their co-workers as much as their people’s performance
  14. Concentrate on the organization’s purpose more than profits
  15. Have a consistent and frequent communication even when they are no news.

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