5things leaders should know about building teams

In order for a company to prosper, the manager should know how to build a team that will work together and be able to achieve any assigned task on time.

Below is a list of tactics used by smart managers to bring together people with different skills and personalities to work towards a goal.

Play to Individual Strengths

Understand what each member’s strengths are and have each member in a place to shine, by partnering them with someone who can support shore up their weakness.

Encourage Transparency

Teams are like families, the manager should let them work things out on their own. Avoid being in the middle of she said/he said situation. The manager’s primary goal is to help team members to understand each other better.

Establish Ground Rules

Inform team members how the manager will like to operate. If solution oriented style is preferred, then explain each member that every time they bring a problem, they should be a solution along. Explain the team members to concentrate on how the team can resolve any issue.

Let them know you have their back

As the main leader of a team, each team member should be aware of that the manager is their greater supporter. This way, when each member knows that the manager has their unconditional support, they can move forward with confidence.

Provide an Incentive

Create goals for the team so they can work and achiever their goal, which will be rewarded by either a day off, flexible work schedule, or bonus. Get to know each member so the best incentive will be provided, since for some is better the day off and for others is better the bonus.



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