Be a Builder to be a Great Leader

Builders are engaging leaders, who should constantly be building confidence and connections among the team members. By accomplishing it, there will be an increase in effort and satisfaction levels among the employees of the team.

Below are some main keys on how to become a builder for a great leader

Build Bonds between Team Members

The desire to belong is a basic emotional necessity. When employees have very close connections, they become more passionate about their work performance. According to a Gallup study, employees who work with a close friend are more likely to provide better performance and go beyond what is expected from the team. Caring about a team member not only strengths bonds but it is reflected in the extraordinary performance from everyone in the team

Build Confidence in Employees

Appreciation is another basic and significant emotional necessity. Employees love a nice compliment, and perform more for those leaders who appreciate their work. In a recent Gallup study, teams are more productive when they had at least three positive interactions for every one negative comment. Therefore, emphasize with the employees that they’ve been appreciated and create a culture of appreciation within the whole team. The positive integration, appreciation, and reinforcement will build confidence and will create a competitive team.

Build Connections to the Bigger Picture

When you connect today’s task and work for a better tomorrow, this means to bring sense of purpose for employees. Connecting a job task to a higher purpose can generate passion for people to perform the extra mile and give more than expected. Inform employees that their task is not only to get the job done, but their performances will be beneficial for someone else which in the future they might be in the same position.

J&B – Houston Commercial Cleaning Services – suggests to follow the main keys to obtain very good results from every team member.


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