How to satisfy picky customers?

How to satisfy picky customers?

Consumers are more confident about today’s economy; however this statement doesn’t mean that consumers will be spending more money.  A study from Empathica shows that low prices and providing discounts might be enough to attract new customers, but it’s not enough to bring those customers back. Customers are more interested in looking for quality and great service rather than cheap price.

In order to bring back these new customers, J&B Professional Cleaning Service LLC suggest your organization to follow the customer service key points described below.

–          Ask for referrals: Referrals from happy and regular customers is a great way to generate more business, since people trust your referrals and they are confident about the service provided is at high quality and high service standards.

–          Personal touch: Recognition to regular customers, have a face-to-face relationship, thank you notes. Personal touch makes the customer that is the most valuable customer in your organization.

–          Reward loyalty: Loyalty programs make customers feel special and make them feel they are getting something extra.

–          Survey your customers: Check with your customers if the service provided is at a high standards by providing them an online survey or a lunch in a restaurant, or a quick online feedback survey.

Customers are the base of your business, and by keeping customer happy, your business will continue growing.


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One Response to How to satisfy picky customers?

  1. Tal Shahar says:

    Great article! It is not surprising that your business continues to grow every year.

    I don’t think there are too many businesses that do as much as you do to make sure the customer needs are met.

    If I had an office building in Houston, I wouldn’t hesitate to use your service and refer you to others because I know that you would meet my needs and the needs of my friends.

    Tal Shahar
    Peak Customer Satisfaction

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