An Effective To-Do List

Every businessman creates a to-do list at the beginning of a period, however, how often is the list ‘strictly’ followed? On the other hand, others do not have time to create a list, but how can they have time to achieve their duties if they do not have time to arrange plan.  Steve Jobs said the best way to achieve an effective work-life balance is to FOCUS; focus on what not to do.

Therefore, J&B provides the following steps to earn more while working less, these steps will help you strategically FOCUS on what is most critical in your business life.

  1. Put a price your to-do list. Determine the price value of completing every task on the list. For example, if the task is to prepare a commercial cleaning proposal to a general contractor for $10,000, then write down “Finish Proposal ($10,000)”. If the task is to follow up with a janitorial customer, who generates $100,000 in annual sales, write “Return Janitorial Call ($100,000).”
  2. Sort your list in descending order. Begin at the top with the highest dollar amount and the bottom with the lowest dollar amount.
  3. Draw a line through the middle of your list. Divide your list into 50% each, separating the top 50% as the most important and the 50% as the less important.
  4. Spend four days a week working on the top 50 percent of your list. FOCUS on the number one on the list until is completed, and then work on the second one until is completed, and so on. If you cannot finish the task due to someone else response, move on to the next item on the list.
  5. Spend one day of the week on the bottom 50 percent of your list. By pushing yourself to work on the less important items only one day a week, you won’t be able to finish them all, and these tasks should remain for weeks.  Remember, these are the 50% less important tasks. 
  6. Reevaluate the bottom 50 percent of your list weekly. Delete the tasks that are outdated and no longer useful.  If you’re forced to postpone on the unimportant task, they will stay on your list until you realized how unimportant they are, and it could be better to avoid including them on your list at the beginning.

You want to spend and dedicate your time and energy to the most important and highest result tasks. By following these steps consecutively for a long period of time, your sales and income will increase as well. Therefore with more money in your business, you will be able to outsource the less important tasks.


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