Four effective ways to create more cash for your business

A business is valued based on how much cash it generates. Financial statements, such as income statements and balance sheets, can demonstrate the growth of a business. However, if there is no cash, there is no fuel to keep the business running. A business needs cash to pay employees, vendors, and other duties. Therefore, understanding the importance of the cash flow management will help you run your business better.

The following are effective ways to create cash.

Manage Payables

Business needs to pay its vendors, but the key is how quickly vendors should get paid. By paying too soon, this will decrease the cash and can make your business be less valuable. However, by managing the terms of your bills and understanding which ones should be paid sooner, this will increase the cash that will stay in your business. Your business should be optimizing the business’ cash flow by not letting the cash go out as fast as possible.

Manage Receivables

Collecting cash quickly will benefit your business by having more cash. J&B suggests giving the option of financing to big companies to speed up collections.

Turn Inventory

Turn inventory refers to selling through the items you have on your books. Having too much inventory or too long is a cash drain.  Based on the industry of your business will identify you how fast inventory should be sold. If your company’s cash is based on the industry that is moving very slow,  it will decrease your liquidity.

Consider Real Estate

Business often wants to own their own real estate; however owning a real estate can decrease the monthly cash due to improvements or maintenance, making your business less active.

If real estate is too big for your business needs, J&B recommends to rent in the meantime there is an increase in your cash flow.

After all, your business is valued by how much cash it generates. J&B suggest you to manage your company to avoid cash drains and increase cash generation.


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