What is your Management Style?

The business world identifies four basic management styles. Each one sets the direction within a company, which generally reflects the leader’s personality.  The following provides a description of each management style.

Autocratic Leader has a natural absolute power and insists on having control of all important decisions, regardless of his/her employees’ input.  However, this type of management style leads to a poor workplace performance.

Paternalistic Leader has a natural father figure and claims to care about the business and the people who work for him/her organization. This type of management styles accepts input from employees even though the final decision rests on him/her.

Democratic Leader has a collaborative approach where everyone has a voice in the decision making process. This type of management style provides effective solutions to all business problems.

Laissez-Faire Leader has a hands-off approach to decision making, which brings better results when people who work for him/her organization are highly motivated, where employees know what to do and take on responsibility on their actions.  If employees are not highly motivated, the management can turned into a messy and low productivity environment.

For better results, J&B suggests you to combine both personalities and management styles.


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