Stress Management

Stress affects personal and professional life in so many ways, but mainly it reduces productivity and increases illness.

Listed below, J&B provides some key recommendations to reduce and manage stress.

  • Take deep breath: Taking deep breathes is the easiest and best way to reduce stress quickly. This activity allows your brain to send messages throughout your body to slow down and relax. 
  • Slow down and prioritize: The leading cause of stress is a fast paced environment. Avoid trying to achieve so many activities in a small period of time, instead concentrate in the high priority activities. Also, time management will help you decrease stress and organize your activities better.
  • Communicate: Express your negative and positive feelings. Sharing any concerns allows you to reduce emotional and health problems in the future.
  • Eat healthy: Eating healthy will provide you with the nutrients to produce enough energy for your daily activities and to stay healthy. When stress increases and there is not healthy diet, this result an increase in illnesses such as speeding up heart, faster breathing, less energy.
  • Sleep: Sleep from 7 to 9 hours will help your body start with the right amount of energy to last the rest of the day.
  • Exercise: Exercise produces endorphin (neurotransmitter) making you feel good, in a better mood, relaxed and increases your overall health.
  • Enjoy life: Everything should not be work, work, and work!  Do something you enjoy, such as jogging, biking, watching movies, yoga, etc.

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