5 Common Time Management Mistakes

How well the strategies previously presented help you manage your time? Many of us believe that we have a successful time management program, and still every time we are busier and busier.  However, it can be difficult to identify mistakes that we are making and know how to improve them. Below are the most common mistakes in time management.

  1. Not prioritizing. Setting to-do list will help you to perform all the activities set; however prioritizing will help you more to finish the task that needed to be completed first than the non-so-important ones.  Classify every task as important, urgent and set deadlines for each task to avoid losing track of task.
  2. Procrastination.  Occurs when you concentrate on the non-so important tasks rather than working on the high priority ones.  When you procrastinate, there is a guilt feeling which eventually you’ll catch up with the possibilities of not completing it on time and/or with errors.
  3. Taking on too much. If you are the person who cannot say ‘no’ to people, therefore you have way too much commitments and projects to finish, which leads to more stress, poor performance, and bad reputation for careless performance and results.
  4. Micromanagement. If you are the person who does all the work by yourself, because there is not trust among the co-workers; having too much work will lead you to careless performance as well.   Therefore, it is important to organize and delegate the tasks.
  5. Ineffectively scheduling task. For the best use of time, schedule high-value and energy work during your best time, and low-energy work, such as phone calls, filing, and checking emails, during your down time.

J&BHouston Commercial Cleaning Service comments that one of the most effective ways of improving productivity is to identify and overcome time management mistakes.


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