Time Management

Have you ever had the feeling of needing more time to accomplish your duties of the day? Time is a limited resource which we all have to accommodate all our daily activities.  Time management has become one of the most important skills in the workforce area and is about budgeting time to increase productivity.  In other words, work smart – not hard.  The following are strategies for a better time management.

  1. Plan each day. Avoid starting the day without a plan; therefore take about 30 minutes to plan the day.  Create a to-do-list and prioritize every task.
  2. Schedule time with interruptions. Include planned interruptions, since these happen so often in a busy work area.
  3. Schedule time to check emails. Take action to every email received; avoid having emails sit down in the mailbox.
  4. Delegate tasks. Review the to-do-list and pass on to another co-worker.
  5. Use the ‘do not disturb’ signs when work needs to be completed.
  6. Perform a quality job. Do the work right at the first time and avoid errors, which will take more time correcting them.
  7. Take some time prior every call and task to decide what results want to accomplish. Take time after every call to determine whether the desired result was achieved or not and what actions shall be performed next.
  8. Avoid using social media during working hours, unless is essential to generate business.
  9. Be healthy by getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising regularly. A healthy lifestyle allows improving concentration and efficiency to complete every assigned task in less time.
  10. Use the 80:20 rule.  The 80% of results are achieved with only 20% of the effort.

J&B suggest concentrating on results, not on being busy.  Time management allows to complete tasks on time as well as to reduce the stress.


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