5 tips to be a Smarter Manager

A manager has the ability to lead his organization to a successful path. Therefore, the manager has the responsibility to have his employees happy in order to be more productive. J&B recommends the following tips to be a better manager.

  1. Improve employees by educating them for a long-term success.  Avoid yelling at them, since this action will not create any positive response.
  2. Solve the problems as they get present. By ignoring the problems, these will get bigger and bigger.
  3. Celebrate the goals achieved by you employees. Their achievements should come first than yours.
  4. Be decisive and reasonable in your decisions. Avoid changing your decisions without any accomplishments. Complete all goals set.
  5. Set a strategic plan to achieve your organization goals. Trust your employees to achieve their goals as well.

In addition, J&B suggest to show a little interest in the personal lives of your employees, which this action generates trust and loyalty.


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