Selling the right product

Has your company experienced low revenues in the past quarters?   Therefore, one of the areas to be analyzed is if the product or service provided is accurate to satisfy the consumer needs.

Most individuals create a business based on their experience and knowledge, without taking into account the what the consumer wants. This is the most common mistake every business do; mainly when there has been a lot of investment without doing a research of the demand of the products or services to be provided.  In addition, the lack of renovation leads to loss of revenues as well, such as Blockbuster.

The following are recommendations to see if your business is providing the right product or services. Every recommendation has an example in the commercial cleaning industry.

  1. Analyze the overall industry.
    * In the janitorial services industry, the expected annual growth for the following 4 years is 3.3%. The industry is at a mature stage. Source: IBIS World
  2. See the opportunities in the area where product or service will be provided
    * There are approximately 219,324 firms in the greater Houston area where J&B Professional Cleaning Services can offer its office cleaning services.  Source: Census
  3. Choose the correct marketing plan to the right consumers.
    * Since janitorial services are offered to other business (B2B), the marketing campaign used is for business not for consumers in the office cleaning line.
  4. Evaluate competition
    * There are 548 janitorial establishments in the Greater Houston Area.  Source: Houston Library
  5. Analyze demand of product or service by
    * Obtaining feedback from customers. J&B provides a constant communication with customers, as well as an annual client’s survey.
    * Obtaining feedback from supervisors.  Some J&B’s customers refer to the supervisor in regards any requests.
    * Keeping a constant quality of services. J&B provides supervision to continue providing a constant high quality of cleaning services.

A constant research of a potential and existing market is necessary to avoid any loss of revenues.


About J&B Professional Cleaning Service
Specialing in all types of Janitorial, Construction and Remodeling Clean-Ups

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