Top 9 manners that all 9 year old should know

There is not a completed book to instruct parents how to educate their children. However, teaching children the basic rules of etiquette, will get them noticed and will recognize the parent’s job.

The following list is the top 9 manners that all 9 year-old should know. The child should . . .

  1. Be Polite by using frequently and correctly key words – “Please”, “Thank you” and “Excuse me”.
  2. Cover his mouth when cough or sneeze, do not picking his nose in public.
  3. When eating, use utensils properly and ask for unreachable items to have them passed.
  4. Do not call people mean names, make fun of anyone or comment on their physical characteristics, unless it’s to compliment them.
  5. Do not interrupt grown-ups conversations, unless there is an emergency.
  6. Hold the door open for someone else.
  7. Before entering, knock on closed doors and wait to see if there’s a response.
  8. If asked for a favor, gratefully and with a smile provide help to adults – parents, teachers, and neighbors; he or she might learn something new.
  9. Respond accordingly to people’s questions or comments, such as: How are you? Fine, thanks and you? …

Every child, who masters the top 9 manners list, will shine in our society and will make every parent to be more proud of them. For a complete list, click here


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