Lead Generation List

Creating a lead generation list is the process by which a company finds prospective customers for its product and services offerings. The list may contain company names, contact names, addresses, phone numbers, and/or email addresses.

How does a company generate a lead list?

  1. Identify the target area with potential customers.
  2. Attend networking events within the area.
  3. Attend local chamber of commerce events.
  4. Attend industry trade shows.
  5. Attend educational seminars.
  6. Identify potential members of the Better Business Bureau.
  7. Identify members from joined associations.
  8. Identify prospects visiting the company’s website.
  9. Identify potential customers within social media, such as LinkedIn.
  10. Ask referrals from clients, friends and family.

Lead generation is a time-consuming process. However, once identified the lead, the lead can become a long-term relationship.


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One Response to Lead Generation List

  1. John says:

    Lead building can be very time consuming and every company should try to generate leads on their own. However a good lead company can help out if they have pre-qualified and fresh lead list. A good lead lists can be invaluable in long term sales strategy. Great post!

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