New Product Learning for our Customers

Part of J&B’s Professional Cleaning Service quality control method, are cleaning supplies and products consideration. Half of J&B’s clients have required J&B  obtain different products to perform the job; the most requested products are for floor maintenance, sealing and waxing.Some  items have to be ordered a month ahead or shipped from out of state.

Acquiring a new product is not an easy task. First, J&B researches within the manufacture website and supplier regarding the product. Second, J&B reads the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to identify any safety precautions, proper use, and chemical components.  For in-state suppliers, J&B meets with the manufacture for use-verification.  Once the product is well known, employees that will be in direct contact with the product are finally trained. After product application, chemicals are continuously being monitored to ensure the product itself provides the expected result.

Many people do not like change because people fear challenges that will be encountered. At J&B, we accommodate to our customer needs.  We research any products necessary to ensure the best result for the client’s project.


About J&B Professional Cleaning Service
Specialing in all types of Janitorial, Construction and Remodeling Clean-Ups

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