Germ & Virus Facts

A clean area gives a good impression  and helps prevent the spreading of illness.  Daily, a worker comes in contact with 10 million bacteria. With that been said, it is important to know the following important facts about germs:

–        A germ is a microorganism, which includes bacteria, viruses, and also some types of fungi; viruses  cause diseases.
–        The common types of viruses are influenza, the common cold, and HIV.
–        The majority of germs are transmitted by touching surfaces and transferring germs to the eyes, nose and mouth.
–        Germs can also travel through the air, such as sneezing.
–        Some of the dirtiest areas in an office is the phone, keyboard, mouse,  copy bottom, elevator bottom,  doorknobs, desk surface, bathrooms, and kitchen.

Here is a list of recommendations to prevent the spread of germs.

–        Proper and regular hand washing
–        Avoid touching your nose, eye or mouth,
–        When coughing or sneezing, always cover your mouth.
–        Keep items like pencils and pens out of your mouth.
–        Try to eat in a break room or restaurant. Food is a big contributor of germs.
–        Always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer close by yourself and co-workers.
–        When looking for a cleaner, please acquire the items that say “disinfecting” or “sanitizing”.
–        Avoid the “antibacterial” items, since they have no effect on viruses such as the flu.

For your health, co-workers, customers, and visitors, following these recommendations will keep your office area free of harmful germs.


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