Marketing & Sales

Is it Marketing vs. Sales? Or Marketing and Sales?

Marketing is defined as everything a company does to place its product or service in the hands of potential customers. Sales are defined as the face of the company, the one person who will provide the best description of the product/service, which goal is to close a deal.  Both departments have the same objective, to promote the company to the consumer with the goal of obtaining his/her business.

Marketing’s goal is usually to create awareness, interest, desire and action. The following are common used marketing techniques to increase market share:

–      Advertising is long term, paid process goal that increases brand equity through the use of  printed and online directories, broadcast, billboards, and more.
–      Promotion is short term, incentive to the consumer leading to an action such as discounts, offers, promotional items, refunds, and anything that will save money or give value to the consumer.
–      Public Relations are news of the  company. The company announces relevant information, such as awards, mergers, acquisitions, anniversary, “how to” or “tips” to the consumer, that might affect the administration or the consumer. The news can be published by a press release, newsletter, social media or broadcast.
–      Market Research is the evaluation, measurement, observation, and innovation of internal and external environment.
–      Marketing Collateral is what the marketing teams design, create and print, such as brochures, presentations, white papers, case studies, coupons and more for company or Sales use.

Once the consumer has created an action, Sales will be able to connect with the consumer ready to make a purchase. Sales become the physical image of the company, who will engage the prospect with their interpersonal skills. Some of the key elements for a good interpersonal skill are the following:

–      Smiles because it makes everyone happy, welcoming and comfortable.
–      Caring demonstrate the customer that his/her business is valuable.
–      Active listener allows the salesperson to listen, not hear, the customer needs.
–      Communicate with the truth by letting the customer know what can and can’t be done.
–      Professionalism is demonstrated by dress, language and treating the customer with respect.

To acquire a business, marketing and sales works together. Sales request what (s)he needs to close a deal, and marketing providing such items. Sales also provide a guide to Marketing by measuring which campaigns, mediums and techniques work.  The cooperation of both departments, leads to an increase in revenue, which consequently to the company growth.


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