Meeting Deadlines

In most instances of our lives, we are asked to complete a certain task and or project by a specific date. Deadlines, defined as the time by which something must be finished or submitted, is in most part, one of everyday vocabulary words.  Whether it’s in our house, school, or work, we are to complete the job or project in order to meet the requirements of the person or company that assigned us that task.

It’s J&B Professional Cleaning Service’s duty and priority to meet and complete the cleaning of a certain construction and or office building prior to the given deadline. Recently, J&B was asked to perform final clean-ups on several schools that were required to meet a deadline.  Our sales representative touched basis with the company’s project manager and was informed of all their needs and wants, their specific instructions, deadlines, and jobs needed to be executed. Approximately ten schools were to be cleaned within a certain period of time.

A bid was then submitted and signed, and J&B’s construction employees were off to complete the job. Some challenges arose, but J&B was able to confront each and every one of them in a very professional manner.

In order for J&B to complete the cleaning of the schools prior to the deadline given, our company manager hired and trained new employees. Long hours of work have been put forward but it’s J&B’s pride to say that we are successfully completing the final clean of the schools before or on the deadline date. Let us help you meet your deadline by cleaning your project and or office building.


About J&B Professional Cleaning Service
Specialing in all types of Janitorial, Construction and Remodeling Clean-Ups

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