Celebrating 16 years of Success..

In 1994, with the dream of a better future, Mr. Javier and Ms. Bertha Zavala started cleaning one to two houses per week. With the pledge to keep going, this was the initiation of a company that would be in the market for many years. The first months were the most difficult and taking things as they came, Mr. Javier never lost faith of taking the company where it is now. In 1995 the company J&B Professional Cleaning Service was legalized.

Starting by cleaning houses from Precision Homes and Don Demmy, by Ms. Bertha, J&B was able to start the line of new homes. As the years went by, J&B had to face new obstacles. In 2001, for the first time, the company had to take charge of cleaning one of the first big schools built by Mambro Construction off 610 and Bellaire. With many new projects that J&B had to clean, the company had to organize another truck in 2001 to make sure that all the jobs were being taken care of. With experience in the industry J&B could affirm the specialty of cleaning new construction.

With only three offices, Accoustical Material, Pride, and Pitman, that Mr. Javier cleaned, he was able to initiate the line of cleaning offices. In 1997, J&B had the opportunity to get one of the biggest accounts of the moment, First Baptist Church of Heights. As the years were passing, J&B was able to obtain newer, bigger and different accounts that affirmed the line of cleaning offices

Something that he had in his mind and automatically was implied in the company was “Let’s keep going.” With that mentality, patience, audits, and bad feelings, the business was able to pass many barriers throughout the years and to this date has always kept going. After 2006, J&B Professional Cleaning Service made a 360 degree turn growing without limits. In 2011, J&B proudly introduced the line of maid services.

J&B Professional Cleaning Service would like to thank you and celebrate with you their 16th anniversary and hopes to continue to serve you today, tomorrow, and in the upcoming years.


About J&B Professional Cleaning Service
Specialing in all types of Janitorial, Construction and Remodeling Clean-Ups

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