Serving All Clients

There are times in our lives where we have to prioritize and make decisions based on the importance of each situation. Similarly, this occurs in the work force when companies are forced to make decisions based on the work load. For instance, a company is asked to perform several tasks in one given day, putting the person in charge in the position of who to serve and how not to serve. In order to fulfill all obligations, companies may bring additional personnel to accommodate the needs of each individual customer. It also means that all new employees are required to go through the adequate training in order to gain the knowledge to execute the job correctly.

By taking this action, all supervisors and managers would be required to allocate time to teach each individual all of the details that need to be learned before actually putting them on the field. Other things that would have to be taken into consideration are the amount of time or days that these employees would be working for the company and the salary that they will receive.

With an increased work load, there may be various solutions. An easy solution may be to hire contract labor by staffing companies that can provide temporary work. However, this solution will come back to the main problem: teaching the new temporary workers how to do the job. Another solution may be to outsource the job. The problem may then arise if the outsource creates a bigger problem than expected.

Like any other company, J&B Professional Cleaning Service has been through this situation and has put forward all of its efforts to minimize the strain of the additional work load. Usually the work load increases during the summer or when a new project has been obtained; this information allows plenty of preparation time. The advantage that J&B has over other cleaning companies is that J&B trains all new employees the basic cleaning method utilized in all of J&B’s lines. Also, both shifts, night and day, have been exposed to J&B’s specialties, janitorial and construction. In addition to the training, employees are still under the supervision to ensure the work is being done properly.

It is J&B’s duty to serve all clients in the best and less problematic way. J&B has the labor capital necessary to coordinate any unforeseen work, or increases in the work load all of the sudden. For more information on how J&B can complete your final clean in a short notice, visit us at


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Specialing in all types of Janitorial, Construction and Remodeling Clean-Ups

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