Choosing the Right Cleaning Company

With today’s economy, it’s very difficult to decide whether or not to hire a new employee or even a new service for your company’s cleaning needs. In some instances, we think twice and question ourselves, “Do we really need it?” We search the internet, the yellow book, and other resources available to us and end up with two or three companies that might fit our requirements. But when it comes down to choosing one, there are many deciding factors that we take into consideration before making the final decision on which cleaning company to elect. Here are three questions that are usually overlooked.

Are you insured and bonded? Being insured and bonded means that the cleaning service is in compliance with the state and federal requirements that all licensed businesses must meet, and that the company is legally authorized to operate. It also means that if one of the company’s workers becomes injured or breaks something on the job, the company, not you, is liable for the costs associated with it. If they are not bonded and licensed, you may end up paying the price for their lack of professionalism in the long run.

Do you have any references? Make sure the cleaning company can provide at least three references. When checking reference, remember to ask the company how long they have been working with the cleaning company. Longevity demonstrates the cleaning company can perform the cleaning properly and that there is a good customer service relationship involved.

Are the employees uniformed? Making sure employees are uniformed will facilitate you to trust that the employee is a representative of the company and not just any person. A professional company that has been in business for many years recognizes the importance of appearance.
Besides these three considerations, you may also want to consider price. A company too cheap may mean a new company entering the industry trying to obtain new business. A new company may sometimes underestimate running a good cleaning business. Also consider their experience. Knowing how long the company has been in business, will help you determine that the company can pretty much expect anything.

J&B Professional Cleaning Service has been in business for 15 years and understands that the price truly matters when choosing the right cleaning company. J&B is insured and bonded for your convenience. Don’t look any further as we are here ready to serve you. Visit us at for more information.


About J&B Professional Cleaning Service
Specialing in all types of Janitorial, Construction and Remodeling Clean-Ups

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