Research for our Clients

Our clients have always been J&B’s number one priority in providing them with good customer and quality service. It is through this case study, that we will inform you the extensive research we will go through in order to satisfy our clients. Pathfinder Energy Services, a company of Schlumberger, recently moved to their new facilities located off I-10 and Grand Parkway, Katy, TX. We have been serving them since 2007; when they were still located at Highway 290 and W. Little York.

The decision to follow our three year client to a new service area was not easy. We took into account a farther service area, the size of the building and all the additional cost that would be incurred. However, we never knew the types of flooring Pathfinder would have, since they only had vinyl composition tile at their Highway 290 location. Finally, we decided to keep our relationship and followed them Katy.

Once at the new facilities, Pathfinder expressed their main concern of cleaning were the floors. Our sales representative walked through the building with Pathfinder’s facility manager and spoke the General Contractor in order to identify the types of flooring, chemical usage and chemical maintenance. Seven different floors, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Vinyl, ESD Rubber, ESD Epoxy, natural stone, polish concrete, BCT, and Rubber Floors, were laid out. After two weeks of research and preparation with the cleaning crew, J&B knew what kind of chemicals and maintenance to provide the client.

Although we had to accommodate to new cleaning ways, the price remained the same for the customer. Fortunate, we are still serving them and would be honored to serve you too; even if we had to do extensive research.


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