Customer Service

In a conversation where business names are being mentioned, the first thing an individual will remember is the experience encountered with the company. This experience will be the result of customer service. Customer service is the action(s) on a how a business interacts with the customer before, during and/or after any sale. Many companies emphasize customer service, yet lack the proper skills in providing an outstanding customer service. There are many inexpensive ways in providing a good customer service and building stronger customer relationships.

The first step in offering excellent customer is to earn the clients trust. Earn the prospect’s trust by LISTENING and becoming a problem-solver. If a problem arises do not ignore it, take responsibility and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Also, find ways to add value to the customer; do for the customer not to the customer. Adding value to business relationships will allow the customer to recognize that you are doing business in the best interest of the client and not your company.

Second, keep your promise! By this step you have already earn the client’s trust and should focus on maintaining their trust. If you said you will be there at 7:00 am then make sure to be there at 6:50 am. If you promised to the job by the weekend then make sure it gets done. Once a promise is not kept, the trust will easily vanish.

Third, be flexible. Always provide fast response to a customer’s request. Just because you are off work and relaxing at your house does not mean you can ignore customer calls or emails. Understand that a customer is contacting you for a reason; he or she may have a question, concern or comment.

A fourth step is constant contact; constantly follow up or get feedback from clients. Don’t make the mistake of making a sale and forgetting about the client. Constant communication can lead to repeat purchases. There are two types of contact. Personal contact can include periodic face to face business meetings, taking a client for lunch or taking the client breakfast. Impersonal contact can include a quick phone call or email on your services or products.
A last example of customer service or business appreciation can be demonstrated through gifts. However, please be aware of the customer’s firm regarding gift policy; some companies have a no-gift policy. Gifts can be expressed through small discounts, gift cards, gift baskets, or free samples of your product or service.

After you have been able to check all these items off, your next step is to find ways to improve the business relationship. This is an example of adding value to the client. You can find ways of improving your services by asking questions through a survey, phone call or business meeting. The client will acknowledge you care for their company. A final thought, if customer service is done wisely a company will also be working on branding, research, relationship building, promoting and much more. How will your company be remembered?


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