Effectively Planning

As you enter into the New Year, what plans or goals does your organization have? The beginning of a New Year is a perfect time to brainstorm and plan the upcoming year for your business: from setting basic goals to a business plans. Here are few starting points:

•Develop a Situational Analysis, also known as SWOT Analysis, which is a description of the business Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.
•Reflect from the previous years. What did we do wrong and how can we improve our flaws? What is the new trend that can affect our business? How can we continue doing the same positive action? These are just a few questions to answer.
•Goal setting is a major factor. Where do we want to be at the end of the year? How much sales do we want to bring in? Do we want to expand to new territories or expand our service/product line? Do we want to increase the staff or increase duties on the same staff?
•Employees are another key component to take into account. If you plan to increase your service area, will you need more staff? If you are in a booming phase, do you plan to hire more employees? Other topics to consider when thinking employees: health benefits, retirement, employee turnover, and most definitely employee satisfaction.
•Budgets and forecasts can help a business to stay on track with their money: from making sure Sales meeting certain quotas to other departments spending allocated money. Once the organization has set certain numbers, the business can have an idea on how much money it needs to generate to cover their expenses and create a profit.

Once you have finished creating your New Year Plan it is important to follow up or measure performance, whether quarterly or bi-annually. A few of the reasons J&B Professional Cleaning Service does their planning is to improve customer service, employee satisfaction and most of all the success of the upcoming year. For more information on how J&B can share their knowledge on planning, visit us at http://www.jb-cleaning.com. We wish you a prosperous new year!


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