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Company Profile
J&B Professional Cleaning Service has been one of the leading companies in the cleaning industry since 1995. J&B Professional Cleaning Service is a family-owned, minority-owned company. Being in business for more than a decade, we are proud to carry the word “professional” in our name. The company specialties include: janitorial services, construction & remodeling clean-ups, and floor & window cleaning services.

When J&B Professional Cleaning Service initiated its janitorial line, it started servicing the Hardy and Beltway 8 area. Over time, J&B has had the opportunity to serve customers all over the Houston Metropolis cleaning various types of facilities such as small business offices, industrial offices, medical plazas, schools, churches, homebuilder’s offices and more.

In the commencement of the construction line, J&B Professional Cleaning Service served a limited amount of construction clients from the Houston Area. Now, J&B serves general contractors from within and out of the Houston Area cleaning all types of construction projects.

Mission Statement

The purpose and goal of J&B Professional Cleaning Service is to serve the client, employee and community by providing a high, quality clean environment. We focus on the client by listening and understanding their needs and provide a satisfactory cleaning service. We focus on the employee by providing them with essential tools necessary to keep them safe and allowing them to produce their best performance in order to meet the standards of the client. We focus on the community by providing part-time employment and encouraging our community to be eco-friendly.

Customer Service
Customer service is an important necessity in every business. At J&B, customer service is a fixed asset that has always received high priority.

Whether it is communicating in an efficient time manner, giving direct numbers, allowing email, text, and fax messaging as other methods of communication to the customer, J&B has always made sure to return any feedback to the client. To try and prevent any complaints, J&B likes to follow up with customers to make sure the cleaning is being done to their expectations. When something is expressed, J&B likes to personally speak with the customer and allow the customer to show and explain any problems; this method helps to eliminate any misunderstandings and make sure the concern is clarified.

Achieving Customer Service
To achieve the best customer service J&B takes into account the employees. First, J&B trains and educates the employees to provide their best cleaning service. Second, J&B concentrates in making sure the customer is pleased with the cleaning service.

Studies in 2006 showed that J&B grew through its references and recommendations.


About J&B Professional Cleaning Service
Specialing in all types of Janitorial, Construction and Remodeling Clean-Ups

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